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Intentionality As A Tool for Authentic Living

In Tuesday’s Tool Time podcast Writers Avril Somerville & Rochelle Soetan share transparently on the matters of intentionality, purpose, and the writing process.

Finding The Inspiration to Continue

The longer I live, the more I appreciate: A new sunrise; A rare moon; Blankets of fallen leaves bedazzled in red, gold, purple, yellow, and other nameless colors; Laughter; Prolonged sleep on a rainy Saturday morning in Fall; and, Clarity in the creative process. Right now, these simple and free gifts are giving me

‘How’ Do You Know?

What were you born to do? Is there even such a thing as being born to do something? How can you know for certain? At what point along the journey do you receive confirmations about your gifts, purpose, or calling? How can we have clarity about the answers to these questions? These questions confound most of us at some point in our lives; yet, I’m convinced that no two answers are exactly the … Read More ‘How’ Do You Know?


It’s throwback Thursday so I wrote a rhyme to take you way back through my time Venture with me if you will while I make your time stand still When girls rocked braids instead of locs when boys spit lyrics on the blocks When nerds like me remained inside ‘cuz carryin’ books was cause for chiii…ding anyone who dared to be a different personality … Read More Masquerading

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