About Avril … About SomerEmpress

Avril Somerville aka SomerEmpress
Avril Somerville aka SomerEmpress

Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you!

Avril Somerville aka SomerEmpress is a writer, speaker, and educator. She writes candidly from her varied experiences as immigrant, wife, mother, daughter, life student, and spirit servant among her intimate circles of family, friends, and community. She is the author of A Journey Of Life On PURPOSE, which tackles, through poetry and essays, the intersectionality of creativity, womanhood, sisterhood, race, motherhood, activism, and identity politics. A Journey Of Life On PURPOSE is available on Amazon.

Born in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Avril is a first-generation college graduate of Swarthmore College and Pennsylvania State University where she received her Masters of Business Administration. In addition to the Caribbean, Avril has lived in New York City, New Jersey, Virginia, and Chicago. She now makes a happy home with her husband and their three children just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Welcome to her blog home!


A Little More About Me:

I find the most Joy when using my gifts of creativity, emotion, and words to encourage, serve, and inspire others. Ultimately, these gifts afford a personal transformation that we all crave as we continue along our Life journey.

I believe that to thrive in the creative process, the creative artist must commit to the continuous work of self. The more courageous we are in confronting ourselves, the better we are able to interact with others, whether in our personal lives or as writers developing characters for the greatest American novel yet! This work of self requires an attentiveness and mindfulness about how we enter and occupy the spaces in which we find ourselves at any given moment, and how we use the lessons we amass from those moments. This is the business of living intentionally and artfully; this is the underpinning of living Life As An Art Form. #CandidConversations

Much like an artist selects a particular medium or color on her palette, each act of creating is a deliberate and conscientious movement that plays an important role in shaping the ultimate masterpiece. My medium for this life art is writing. Whether we are talking about prose or poetry, commentaries or quips, fiction or nonfiction, I believe that good writing is a powerful vehicle for conveying the power of our one human tapestry; my job as a writer is to harness its indomitable strength and threads in ways that both are resonant and  transcendentMy prayer is that my Life As An Art Form, exemplified in my written and spoken words, is a reflection and legacy of that commitment, which is steeped in love and service. #iWriteLife

Every woman needs help along the journey.

I am the wife of a most supportive and dynamically gifted soul of a being, who loves me unconditionally, despite myself. He is my helpmeet, my road-dog, bestie, and my biggest cheerleader yet! It seems we’re made for each other, as we’ve been rowing our motorboat for nearly twenty years now! I am also a mother of three–a sixteen year old son and two younger daughters, ages 10 and 7. My heart’s desire is to raise and nurture them with enough love and kindness, so that they will in turn, impart the same to others. I feel a remarkable (and sometimes heavy) responsibility and pride in being their mom, momma, mommy, or whatever it is they choose to call me at any given moment.

Face it, I can’t possibly be beautiful and kind all the time. 😉

Having a wonderful family is a blessing, but I am nothing without My Tapestry Of Women, a sisterhood circle of women ancestors (some biological, others appointed) as well as living, brilliant, kindred-soul women folk that are just as passionate about forging and maintaining authentic relationships with each other. We always do better when we acknowledge our need for each other, and corral the collective energy among us. #InsistOnSisterhood

Ancestral wisdom adorns my flower beds. I AM more than capable. 

Life As An Art Form is just one of the places of reference for my Life’s work as a writer. I invite you to engage when something resonates with you, or even when you have a question. As you navigate the pages and posts of this blog, I ask that you be mindful of the language and integrity of what’s written here. I do welcome your comments, even when we disagree, but remember, “you get more with honey than with vinegar.” 🙂 So, welcome to my table where we can share our truths, have #CandidConversations, and make more Life As An Art … together. Welcome! 

Avril Somerville aka SomerEmpress
Writer. Speaker. Author.

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44 thoughts on “About Avril … About SomerEmpress

  1. Sparkyjen

    What an inspirational About. I resonate with every line. When you started with “Joy” in the first line, my interest peeked immediately. I keep a necklace with the word Joy on it hanging from my bedpost. That way Joy is at the fore of my day.

    I love life, and feel gratitude with life’s tricks AND treats big and small. How else can we be all we are meant to be with purpose?!

    My journey is even sweeter with people like your inspiring self in it. Super fantastic. Thanks for making my acquaintance…and my day even brighter!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. TheOriginalBlackWoman13

    Great blog! You are a very accomplished woman and a inspiration to me. We have many things in common and I am currently working on following in your footsteps as an author, writer, and educator (I not a great speaker, lol). Keep doin whacha do and I will be stopping by more often.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SomerEmpress

      Well, blessings to you, Lady! Ase. (Not ‘great’ speaker … yet!) when delivering your gifts, the only people that matter are those for which you bring them. ‘Great’ is relative; I am by no means there yet. I appreciate your visit and thoughtful comments. I’m going to stay tuned to your blog as well; you are also an inspiration to others as well, so please DO continue…


  3. Kushite Prince

    Wow! That’s a very impressive bio you got there.lol Author,speaker,writer and educator. Is there anything you don’t do?lol You have the beauty to go along with a beautiful mind. That’s always a winning combination. Your husband is a very luck man. And your kids are very blessed to have you as their mother. Well Ms Somerville you seem like a very busy woman. I’m glad I found your wonderful blog. I’ll be dropping by more often. 🙂


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