“In this first release, Somerville successfully inclines the reader’s ear toward empathy and connection in a body of personal reflections and prose on matters including: the quest for balance between a woman’s desire to create and write and her need to still achieve effectiveness in her many other roles; the preoccupations of a mother raising Black children in an often tense and racially charged environment; the delimiting categorization of identity along the lines of race and gender alone; and lastly, the need for transparency and self-awareness in relationships, especially among women. She proves herself as an adept and resonant writer, with a strong gift of emotion as she moves swiftly through each section. Her voice will continue to be an important one in the lexicon of women narratives in the Black and Caribbean Diaspora. I look forward to reading more from this author. ”
– (Dr. Danielle Moss Lee, Chief Executive Officer, YWCA New York City)

moving and honest memoir” – Lisa Sharp

“This is a heartfelt read” – Valerie Burrell

inspirational local [sic] author” – Len Lear, The Chestnut Hill Local

“There is nothing more beautiful than someone speaking his or her truth, and that is what comes through loud and clear in this book. There is so much in this book that resonated with me as a woman, wife, mother, friend and human being. Read it! You’ll be drawn in from the start and will finish it knowing that you’re not alone in this crazy journey called life.”
– Danielle Schwartz

“… a book for all people (especially women) challenged to find that balance among the many hats and hyphenate states of being that we inhabit: that of work life, family life, spiritual life, creative life and genuine community engagement. You will come away from this text empowered to view the many hats you wear not as competing forces, but as gifts that, when placed in sympathetic ‘conversation’ with each other, allow you to live your very best life as your most authentic self. The author writes compellingly about her unwavering commitment to answering the call of the creative imperative, and she evinces (to me) a profound understanding of the many facets of womanhood, the importance of substantive sisterhood and the many ways we can all strive to form true community. The author’s intellect, wit, wisdom, heart and talent all shine through in this work. You’ll be inspired, challenged and moved.
– Neruda

resonated with me as a woman, a mother, and a wife. Somerville’s words comes through like the voice of a friend you love having coffee with once a week.”
– Brandi Gordon-Smith