About Avril … About SomerEmpress

Avril Somerville (aka SomerEmpress)

About Avril (aka SomerEmpress)

Avril is a writer. She is also an educator. Avril writes candidly from her varied experiences as a Black woman immigrant, wife, momma, daughter, lifelong learner, and spirit servant. She is the author of A Journey Of Life On PURPOSE, which tackles, through poetry and prose, the intersectionality of creativity, womanhood, sisterhood, race, motherhood, activism, and identity politics. A Journey Of Life On PURPOSE is available on Amazon.

Born in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Avril is a first-generation college graduate of Swarthmore College and Pennsylvania State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and her Masters of Business Administration, respectively. She has also lived in New York City, New Jersey, Virginia, and Chicago. She now lives with her family in Pennsylvania.

In Her Own Words:

I find joy when using my gifts to affirm, encourage, and inspire others. Rendered in love, these gifts have the ability to facilitate personal transformation along our Life journey.

Ancestral wisdom adorns my flower beds. I am more than capable. 

I believe that in order to thrive as a writer, I must engage authentically with others. This requires the ongoing and deep-soul work of confronting my whole entire self (my uncomfortable truths and wiring, my imperfections and my limitations). This is the business of living intentionally and artfully; this is the underpinning of living Life As An Art Form.

My writing celebrates community and love. I know that my words will outlast the years that I am given on this life stage; therefore, I take great pride in my work. Good writing is resonant, timeless, and always relevant. Good writing leaves an indelible imprint. Regardless of the genre or style, good writing is remarkably powerful and ridiculously transformative. Good writing makes intimate the universal and makes understood the seemingly inaccessible. My responsibility as a writer is to harness this power in order to touch readers at a soul-level. My prayer is that my Life As An Art Form, exemplified through language, is both a testament and legacy of my responsibility as a writer.

Having a wonderful family is a blessing, but I am nothing without “My Tapestry of Women,” a sisterhood circle of kindred women  who are just as adamant about our need for each other. We know that we do better when we acknowledge this need and when we corral the collective energy and beauty of us.

This platform is just one of the places of reference for my Life’s work as a writer. I invite you to chime in when something resonates with you, or even if you just have a clarifying question. As you navigate the rest of this blog, I ask that you remain civil and truthful. I welcome your comments, even when we disagree. Welcome to my virtual table where we can share our truths, lives, and love notes. Perhaps we can even occasionally laugh as we push through this life, and together, we might co-create some more Life As An Art. 


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46 thoughts on “About Avril … About SomerEmpress

  1. What an inspirational About. I resonate with every line. When you started with “Joy” in the first line, my interest peeked immediately. I keep a necklace with the word Joy on it hanging from my bedpost. That way Joy is at the fore of my day.

    I love life, and feel gratitude with life’s tricks AND treats big and small. How else can we be all we are meant to be with purpose?!

    My journey is even sweeter with people like your inspiring self in it. Super fantastic. Thanks for making my acquaintance…and my day even brighter!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great blog! You are a very accomplished woman and a inspiration to me. We have many things in common and I am currently working on following in your footsteps as an author, writer, and educator (I not a great speaker, lol). Keep doin whacha do and I will be stopping by more often.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, blessings to you, Lady! Ase. (Not ‘great’ speaker … yet!) when delivering your gifts, the only people that matter are those for which you bring them. ‘Great’ is relative; I am by no means there yet. I appreciate your visit and thoughtful comments. I’m going to stay tuned to your blog as well; you are also an inspiration to others as well, so please DO continue…


  3. Wow! That’s a very impressive bio you got there.lol Author,speaker,writer and educator. Is there anything you don’t do?lol You have the beauty to go along with a beautiful mind. That’s always a winning combination. Your husband is a very luck man. And your kids are very blessed to have you as their mother. Well Ms Somerville you seem like a very busy woman. I’m glad I found your wonderful blog. I’ll be dropping by more often. 🙂


  4. Avril, I apologize for being a day late, but I wanted to stop by and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope your day was full of Love, Happiness and Wonder. Take Care!


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