Finding The Inspiration to Continue

The longer I live, the more I appreciate:

  1. A new sunrise;
  2. A rare moon;
  3. Blankets of fallen leaves bedazzled in red, gold, purple, yellow, and other nameless colors;
  4. Laughter;
  5. Prolonged sleep on a rainy Saturday morning in Fall; and,
  6. Clarity in the creative process.

Right now, these simple and free gifts are giving me life like no material possession or professional acclaim can. I love and need to laugh. I love and need to write…. more. And, I need the inspiration and time to do more of all of it, because Lord knows this election circus is anything but inspiring.

I mean, I’ve found myself more than righteously indignant and preoccupied with this election, playing right into the hands of the antipathy between the opponents, and in turn, falling right out of my spiritual alignment. Rightfully so, there is much at stake. And as hard as I try, nowhere is safe, not even my trusted Pandora. I can’t even get into my Classical for Studying radio station good enough before I am stalked again by yet another political ad. I just need Election Tuesday to come the heck on and get to gettin’ already!

In the meantime, I must continue to submit to the inspiration that comes only from Mother Nature’s effortless and dependable way. She has a way of re-centering me and getting me back on track. Unlike political discussions and public opinion, I cannot sway or manipulate Mother Nature one way or another. Her works are gifts to us, and not the other way around.

So, when the sun awakens dutifully every single morning, then sets again with the same regularity, I must remember that I too, must show up again and again, on purpose, no matter what goes down on Election Tuesday. I cannot see faith; however, I can see and appreciate a wondrous moon and a gorgeous sunset. Both are indicators of something far more divine at work, and I must trust that work.

The sun will rise and even if it must set, night can never last forever. Perhaps this is an appropriate metaphor for the life cycle of this election season, with its dark and volatile backdrop. Perhaps on November 9, we’ll awaken to a new sunrise that will be well worth our night.

America will have its first woman president. Some of the anger and venom will have subsided, just like the disappearance of morning dew. Like dew, however, this will only be for a time being. Reckoning with this uncomfortable truth does not make for restful nights, but rest assured that those won’t last forever either.

What inspires you to stay on purpose?

Avril Somerville is the author of A Journey Of Life On Purpose. She is in the stages of bringing her début novel to light. To request Avril as a speaker at your next event, please go here.

Photo Credit: Parker Byrd

9 thoughts on “Finding The Inspiration to Continue

  1. Oh, Pandora. You love your sponsors, don’t you? They should have taken a page from Songza. Free no-ad service for a year, after that I was more than happy to pay for a subscription. I listen to hip hop on Pandora when I run at my lake (I used to listen to nature but a number of factors led me to use headphones).

    I’m exactly like you, Avril. I feel that peace as I step away from the screen and from the noise, walk outside and hear the crisp fall leaves, the water, the smell of earth. It’s like how I feel after taking a shower – invigorated and renewed. Who on earth would chose the poisonous media of politics after that?

    I’m inspired by film and dance, for my artistic vision. So much cool stuff out there. And as you know nature is my professional craft, shows like Planet Earth and the agroforestry farmers in the tropics are my fuel. And of course, bloggers like you who weave beautiful, beautiful narratives. xo

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    1. Bless you, woman! Mother Earth is drawing me back to her in a lot of ways – the more I learn about myself, the more I realize that I’ve always been a bit of a hippie chick. Might have to do with being born in the islands, being of African descent, being a woman deeply affected by the moon, or simply getting plain old exhausted of the noise, some of which I’ve created. (Oops, was that a confession?!) BTW, I used to love Songza. What HH do u like? I love nature sounds, but I’m the kind that might go off track and take a nap near the lake! 😂


  2. Great piece Avril! What inspires me to show up is knowing that my life has a purpose and that there is always meaningful work to be done in the world. Whether it is raising children or giving back to our community through volunteer work or simply being there for a person in need. We are all needed in small yet important ways.

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  3. This election has disrupted my peace of mind also. I hope on the 9th the sun does rise in peace. However I fear the after math if Hillary does in fact defeats Trump. I don’t believe his supporters are going to quietly disappear and I don’t think he’s going to let them.

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