Finding The Inspiration to Continue

Finding The Inspiration to Continue

The longer I live, the more I appreciate:

  1. A new sunrise;
  2. A rare moon;
  3. Blankets of fallen leaves bedazzled in red, gold, purple, yellow, and other nameless colors;
  4. Laughter;
  5. Prolonged sleep on a rainy Saturday morning in Fall; and,
  6. Clarity in the creative process.

Right now, these simple and free gifts are giving me Continue reading “Finding The Inspiration to Continue”

Why We Must Write


What good is your pen, they ask
dem just words on a page, you know
markings on a sheet
indication that maybe
you have
too much time on your hands

I tell them
there’s power in this here pen
what I’m doing is
making war on this here page
and sometimes love too
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A Return to ‘Normalcy’?

I Martin-Luther-King-Jr-Quotes-68try not to stay glued to the TV and social media about the day’s events because simply put, I grow weary and have become wary of all of it. The criminalization of Blacks in America and outright police violence and murder of Black men, women, and children has become all too commonplace, some would even say ‘normal.’ Please do not categorize my response as one of complacency; it is not. I’ve simply chosen to  Continue reading “A Return to ‘Normalcy’?”

Finding Ms. Lauryn Hill’s Lost Ones


It’s funny how money change a situation

While we sat eagerly awaiting our Lauryn Hill, the lights dimmed and our eyes were directed to a vintage, albeit inexpensive, white film screen, that was placed unevenly at the foot of the stage. What’s going on? Where is Lauryn Hill? Isn’t there supposed to be an opening act, I wondered? Isn’t there a local artist, a rising child star, or a comedian to move the crowd while we waited for our beloved star? Instead, Continue reading “Finding Ms. Lauryn Hill’s Lost Ones”

America the Beautiful

“You know something?

I’m thankful to be in this country. There are many freedoms and opportunities here that can’t be enjoyed in many places around the world. I’m especially thankful for the principles of democracy and freedom of speech. Most of all, I am profoundly thankful for friends who challenge me in love, spirit, and truth. Whether we share the same party or political ideas, religious/ faith beliefs, ethnicity, class, or sexuality, they know that our common interests are greater than our ideological differences.

We fundamentally want the same things, but may have a different vision for getting there. Ultimately, my true friends know that my heart is good. They hold me to a higher standard, yet still respect my freedom of thought as an important tenet of being an individual, and being an American.”


I shared the above post with “friends” on my personal Facebook account today, and upon receiving initial feedback, I felt led to share it here. I am cautious about my use of the word “friends” because I know that this descriptor doesn’t always capture the magnitude of my relationships on Facebook; nonetheless, many of us connect in this way as a result of several, separate connections and networks that ultimately bring us together. This fact alone should present an opportunity to further open up and get to know each other better.

Without a doubt, there is incredible energy, both positive and negative, about Barack Obama’s reelection to office. I will be the first to admit that in all of my excitement and running comments during the debates and then again while the results trickled in, I never once thought that any of what I said could be interpreted as anything other than excitement for my candidate of choice. I would be naïve, however, to ignore the fact that this nation is divided, though by all accounts, Obama’s win was a decisive one.  Still, I am hopeful about our country’s ability to galvanize behind our common experiences and heart convictions.

I also hope that, if nothing more, this opener sparks a conversation that gets us to a more communal space where diversity of thought and experience is encouraged, valued, and respected.

Welcome to the table!

**Also, you can still check out PBS’ “Race 2012: A Conversation of Race & Politics in America” online.**