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‘How’ Do You Know?

What were you born to do? Is there even such a thing as being born to do something? How can you know for certain? At what point along the journey do you receive confirmations about your gifts, purpose, or calling? How can we have clarity about the answers to these questions? These questions confound most of us at some point in our lives; yet, I’m convinced that no two answers are exactly the … Read More ‘How’ Do You Know?


It’s throwback Thursday so I wrote a rhyme to take you way back through my time Venture with me if you will while I make your time stand still When girls rocked braids instead of locs when boys spit lyrics on the blocks When nerds like me remained inside ‘cuz carryin’ books was cause for chiii…ding anyone who dared to be a different personality … Read More Masquerading

Why We Must Write

What good is your pen, they ask dem just words on a page, you know markings on a sheet indication that maybe you have too much time on your hands maybe… I tell them there’s power in this here pen what I’m doing is making war on this here page and sometimes love too

Dance Woman, Dance

Loving Saturday mornings when there’s coffee and sun showers filtering through old windows when it’s clean when there’s flow when I’m writing while the house is still, quiet. When age-old griots inspire and new-age poets remember we share our tales and stories make them tall and personal women writing remembering sharing flowing my ancestors dance inside me beckon me to finish welcome me to the circle “the floor … Read More Dance Woman, Dance

Dreaming of A Nightmare Killer

“A person is the product of their dreams. So make sure to dream great dreams. And then try to live your dream”, says Maya Angelou, in Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now. Lord rest her soul, but

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