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What’s The Secret?

In this article, Author Avril Somerville shares some of her secrets for staying married. Part instruction, part reflection, this article inspires the reader to consider what else might be required in order to thrive in a marriage or significant relationship.

Won and Done?

Part of the answer to the question, How Free Exactly Do You Want to Be? lies in how vulnerable and authentic we are willing to be when and if we show up. We must know that all of our life experiences can be useful and instructive, much in the same way the words of our ancestors are for us now. What we write and share has the potential to be the very … Read More Won and Done?

How To Live Forever

Living’s heavy work. (Babbitt, Natalie. Tuck Everlasting. New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1975.) I learned yesterday of Author Natalie Babbitt’s death. Babbitt was 84. While she had written several books, Babbitt was most revered for her seminal work,Tuck Everlasting, which celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. Tuck Everlasting, though marketed to young readers, dealt with the subject of mortality, a topic many think it is best to reserve … Read More How To Live Forever


It’s throwback Thursday so I wrote a rhyme to take you way back through my time Venture with me if you will while I make your time stand still When girls rocked braids instead of locs when boys spit lyrics on the blocks When nerds like me remained inside ‘cuz carryin’ books was cause for chiii…ding anyone who dared to be a different personality … Read More Masquerading

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