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What’s The Secret?

In this article, Author Avril Somerville shares some of her secrets for staying married. Part instruction, part reflection, this article inspires the reader to consider what else might be required in order to thrive in a marriage or significant relationship.

“My Funny Valentine” Love

A longing that only a heart can describe (Still I’ll try) The lilt of your voice And curves of your laughter Just whets my appetite. You caress my cornerstones Of tenderness, of wantingโ€ฆ Your words splash over me again Like water against the mountain. The stretches leave me thirsty, Temperamental, swooning for your return. I know it wonโ€™t be much longer Before I can … Read More “My Funny Valentine” Love

“My ‘Good Afternoon’ Fixation”

I miss you…often And especially, this afternoon. Then again You give me so much to go on Your absence leaves me craving Not wanting The difference is subtle I want for nothing with you Your love is perfection embodied. The afternoon sun warms me And right now, its brightness is like a reflection Of your style, your grace, your kindness, The very essence of … Read More “My ‘Good Afternoon’ Fixation”

Love-takes…on Thanksgiving

From the time I can remember, I’ve always insisted on going against the grain. I’ve never liked doing things within the norms of tradition because that would be so predictable, plus I don’t want to create any expectations. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I figured why wait to write about love on my wedding anniversary, which is more than a half-year away, when I can write about … Read More Love-takes…on Thanksgiving

Kiss and Tell?

Apparently, it seems that one of my children have made off with one of my writing notebooks in which I took notes for this morning’s writing. Now I have to rely on my memory sans the notes. Look, this has been brewing in me since Sunday morning! (Oh, that was only yesterday!) ๐Ÿ˜ฎ At the risk of forgetting any more than I’ve forgotten already, … Read More Kiss and Tell?

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