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What’s The Secret?

In this article, Author Avril Somerville shares some of her secrets for staying married. Part instruction, part reflection, this article inspires the reader to consider what else might be required in order to thrive in a marriage or significant relationship.


Intentionality As A Tool for Authentic Living

In Tuesday’s Tool Time podcast Writers Avril Somerville & Rochelle Soetan share transparently on the matters of intentionality, purpose, and the writing process.


I Surrender All

In this article, Avril Somerville asks the reader to embrace the matter of finding one’s purpose through a spiritual versus human lens.

Won and Done?

Part of the answer to the question, How Free Exactly Do You Want to Be? lies in how vulnerable and authentic we are willing to be when and if we show up. We must know that all of our life experiences can be useful and instructive, much in the same way the words of our ancestors are for us now. What we write and share has the potential to be the very … Read More Won and Done?

Finding The Inspiration to Continue

The longer I live, the more I appreciate: A new sunrise; A rare moon; Blankets of fallen leaves bedazzled in red, gold, purple, yellow, and other nameless colors; Laughter; Prolonged sleep on a rainy Saturday morning in Fall; and, Clarity in the creative process. Right now, these simple and free gifts are giving me

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