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Love-takes…on Thanksgiving

From the time I can remember, I’ve always insisted on going against the grain. I’ve never liked doing things within the norms of tradition because that would be so predictable, plus I don’t want to create any expectations. 🙂 So I figured why wait to write about love on my wedding anniversary, which is more than a half-year away, when I can write about … Read More Love-takes…on Thanksgiving

Have Her Cake…

The more I get in touch with who I am, the more I am convicted about how I should invest my time, energy, and money. As the birthdays of my daughters loomed on the horizon, I considered how we would celebrate them this year. The birthday parties of last year and the year before just couldn’t be done, as they entailed more planning, labor, and … Read More Have Her Cake…

When The Easter Bunny Comes

“Is the world a better place with the Easter bunny?” Damn skippy, it is! 🙂 In fact, Easter for me has always been an important time, mostly because it comes at a time when new life springs forth, and what was once dormant becomes resurrected. Life resurfaces in all of nature. Flowers bloom, trees fill in with leaves and fruit, and neighbors reveal their … Read More When The Easter Bunny Comes

Chocolate Communion

  Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I have a confession to make: I’ve been eating way too much chocolate.  Sometimes a fun-size or bite-size chocolate will do, but this indulgence is on a whole different level, Lord.  The sad truth is that there is nothing fun about having cheap chocolate!  These “over-the-counter” versions only lure me in, tease me, and leave me … Read More Chocolate Communion

Sundays at Sunset

Today, I’m doing my adaptation of the emotion that the songwriter must have been trying to evoke when she wrote “Rainy Days and Mondays always gets me down“. I actually like rainy days and Mondays;  it’s Sundays that are posing a bit of a problem.  Sundays are supposed to mark a departure from the routine of the week. Largely unscripted, Sunday is an opportunity for our family to just relax, … Read More Sundays at Sunset

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