When The Easter Bunny Comes

“Is the world a better place with the Easter bunny?” Damn skippy, it is! ūüôā

In fact, Easter for me has always been an important time, mostly because it comes at a time when new life springs forth, and what was once dormant becomes resurrected. Life resurfaces in all of nature. Flowers bloom, trees fill in with leaves and fruit, and neighbors reveal their previously hibernated¬†smiles covered by winter scarves and hiked-up collars. So, although much of what comes with Easter seems to have a very commercial focus these days, I say “Let’s hear it for the Easter Bunny! Woohoo!”

As far as I’m concerned, the presence of the Easter Bunny is not about debating the legitimacy of Easter, or whether it’s a pagan holiday, but about making people happy.¬† At least in this household, the Easter Bunny is all about the smiles that I see on my children’s faces when they enter the household, and find that an assortment of fun surprises await them, with accompanying, personalized notes.¬† Though they never talk or inquire about the Easter Bunny before Easter, they’re taken¬†off-guard every time “he” makes a visit. (I happen to¬†know this Easter Bunny very intimately, and how much he cares¬†about making children happier.)

Perhaps there is little excitement beforehand because we don’t talk about Easter, per se. Rather than spending time discussing religious differences or practices, we strive to teach, and live out, ¬†the commonalities that define us all, even during a highly regarded, religious holiday such as Easter.¬† These include themes such as renewal (new life, babies, flowers, trees, more abundant sunshine), restoration (healing, repair), revival (celebration/ injection of new life), vivacity (life itself), and the audacity of life itself – its boldness to dare spring anew again after such dormancy.¬† Even children can embrace these concepts.¬† In this same manner, we embrace the Easter Bunny’s regularity and attentiveness to bringing smiles and contentment,¬†ultimately creating¬†indelible childhood memories that will last them a lifetime.

So Easter isn’t as much about candy, or even the Easter Bunny, but about the occasion itself – one for joining with families, or friends that are like family, during the earliest part of Spring, when the air is warmer, clothes are lighter, and summer fun is closer within reach.¬† With the palpable anticipation of more outdoor fun¬†spent with ¬†friends and family, the appreciation for life itself, seems new.¬† So breaking bread to welcome the season and restore hearts after a long drawn-out winter seems like only the right thing to do; with family and friends…and of course, my Easter Bunny! ūüôā

“Let’s Hear it For the Boy”, Deniece Williams

3 thoughts on “When The Easter Bunny Comes

  1. Somer,

    Do you have an archive? I’ve been looking for the second installment for the blog you wrote about Oprah’s new show on OWN. Maybe you could repost or email it to me please?


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