Step Lightly

Careful not to take too much on your way up, because you most certainly will fall. Happened to me this morning on the way up the steps! True story.

You were looking for something philosophical?  More profound, perhaps?  Why?

Much of what life has to teach us is found in the metaphors of our everyday.  Each has the potential to offer incredible insight, as well as the answers to some of our biggest questions.  These unlit wicks abound all around us, but most of us are too busy, distracted, or loaded down with stuff to activate them, like I was this morning.  I called myself being efficient, making one trip– my arms brimming with crap, instead of two.

Well, you see how well that logic served me.  I quickly gathered my humility, and all the stuff that came tumbling down, and considered what that moment was trying to teach me just then.  I should have known better, so what was I supposed to take away this time?

Lady on Beach
Lady Doing Something Other Than Falling

Chief among the revelations was that, some of what we might insist on holding on to, no longer serves, neither us nor the goals we’re ultimately trying to meet; we might just have to leave something behind. Secondly, taking too much might prevent us from making it intact, that is, if we make it at all.

Good news is if you do make it, you will recover.  The sting of the new pain will subside as soon as you recall that you’ve been through worse pain. You might even laugh at yourself a bit.  You recover, learn the lesson, and ultimately heal. This is good news, hopeful news, this Sunday.

Be inspired. There will be hiccups; none of them will last forever.  Be encouraged. What happens in your life doesn’t have to “…take your song from you”.



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20 thoughts on “Step Lightly

  1. You are so right about stuff, especially negative stuff not having to take our song away. Only we can do that, by succumbing to the problem instead of facing it head on. And now you’ve learned your lesson about carrying too much stuff. Next time you’ll make that extra trip. It’s a pain, I know, but falling is a bigger pain, no? Hope you’re feeling better after writing this great post. Have a great week!


    1. You know, Monica, actually I do! I feel amazing. Carrying on just as I was yesterday. No bruises or physical evidence of a fall, albeit a little pain in places that I once thought unreachable. In fact, it seemed to be the motivation, the kick in the ass, so to speak, that I needed. Thanks for reading along.


    1. You are welcome, Tots. Glad you found something insightful here and that you enjoyed Lizz Wright. She has a voice unlike anyone I’ve heard. Patient and soulful.


  2. Insightful and truth. We don’t pay attention and end up missing or getting a lesson. I just got off of FB and the last thing I read was when things happen we wonder where God was. The response was the teacher is usually silent during the test. I guess I need to listen because I am going through some trying times right now. I guess the message is I’ll be okay if I just pay attention. Thanks.


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