Step Lightly

Careful not to take too much on your way up, because you most certainly will fall. Happened to me this morning on the way up the steps! True story.

You were looking for something philosophical?  More profound, perhaps?  Why?

Much of what life has to teach us is found in the metaphors of our everyday.  Each has the potential to offer incredible insight, as well as the answers to some of our biggest questions.  These unlit wicks abound all around us, but most of us are too busy, distracted, or loaded down with stuff to activate them, like I was this morning.  I called myself being efficient, making one trip– my arms brimming with crap, instead of two.

Well, you see how well that logic served me.  I quickly gathered my humility, and all the stuff that came tumbling down, and considered what that moment was trying to teach me just then.  I should have known better, so what was I supposed to take away this time?

Lady on Beach
Lady Doing Something Other Than Falling

Chief among the revelations was that, some of what we might insist on holding on to, no longer serves, neither us nor the goals we’re ultimately trying to meet; we might just have to leave something behind. Secondly, taking too much might prevent us from making it intact, that is, if we make it at all.

Good news is if you do make it, you will recover.  The sting of the new pain will subside as soon as you recall that you’ve been through worse pain. You might even laugh at yourself a bit.  You recover, learn the lesson, and ultimately heal. This is good news, hopeful news, this Sunday.

Be inspired. There will be hiccups; none of them will last forever.  Be encouraged. What happens in your life doesn’t have to “…take your song from you”.



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20 thoughts on “Step Lightly

  1. I just figured you were being your usual brilliant writer self and mixing a metaphor with something that really happened in the physical world. But then that’s why I love reading your blog.

    I love that you stopped to extract meaning from dragging stuff up the stairs. I had a similar revelation (or a set of them) recently, I had run around doing chores all day. Laundry, dishes, at some point I was sweeping the back porch and realized it was 7 pm. Not only that, I had spent all day and in fact all week focusing on housework. I stopped and thought, is this how I want my life defined? Is this what I’m going to rejoice of during my last breaths? It was an eye opener.


    1. Ah, thank you my friend! I was doing both…I think. 🙂 No, clearly, that isn’t how you want to spend your days. Granny used to say “time waits on no one”, implying an urgency that we better get what we need to get done before time is lost, but I’d like to consider an alternative urgency, and that is to the tending of what really matters, the stuff we put off–though we don’t see it and the “sight” of it doesn’t agitate us so readily as dirt and piles of laundry, it is the stuff that life is truly made of.

      It is ALWAYS a joy to see you! Don’t be caught at 7 o’clock, that bewitching hour, like that again. 🙂


      1. Wise words. Prioritizing and being thoughtful about it is what’s missing in my life, all too often we just react instead of being calm and centered. Thank you for reminding me.


  2. First, love Liz Wright.

    You are so right, trying to take on too much we always end up forgetting where we needed to be. It is in our silences, when we close our eyes and listen we gain the most.

    Wonderful lesson this one.


    1. Good day Valentine, a Lizz Wright fan? Yay! Her gift of song is as rich and fertile as the salt that she speaks of. I really enjoy revisiting her from time to time.

      Glad you also took something away from this piece. We can never stop learning.


      1. I find Liz Wright to be rich, an artist that moves me and rests me once.

        You are so right, we cannot stop learning. To do so means we grow stagnate, I so enjoy when you grace these pages.


      2. Thanks Valentine. I’m getting my mojo back – actually never lost it – I’ve been trying to bring 2 major writing projects to a close. Stay tuned. Be well, my friend.


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