Writing A Wrong

My mind reflects back to when I signed up for the Post a Day 2011 Challenge.  This meant that I would literally have to hit that “Publish” button on new material every day.  I publicly professed my commitment to blog daily for the personal reasons of inspiring others, honing my craft, and establishing some consistency.   Now, however, I must secretly confess that while I still believe in the merits of writing on a daily basis, I am not convinced that I need to blog everything that I write. Whoever said “my life is an open book” lied! You won’t find all my business here.  No siree, Bob! According to hubby dearest, not all things are “bloggable”, and he’s absolutely right. Moreover, the intention when writing can vary from day to day, and certainly from one written piece to another. Some of my non-blog writing is hugely personal, and simply necessary for my soul. As such, those writings are cathartic and provide me with the private healing space that I need versus the public domain.  Hence, my need to write more relevant and meaningful material has become more salient than my need to compose a blog post on a daily basis.

I’m also learning that perhaps I am more of a “contemplative writer”, as Sue Monk Kidd refers to it in Traveling With Pomegranates: A Mother-Daughter Story(Kidd & Taylor-Kidd, 2009, p. 91), the joint memoir penned with her daughter, Ann Kidd Taylor.  Perhaps it is through this kind of writing that I will best reconcile these “urge(s) to create”  and  “to be” (ie., writing, versus being in the moment),  and not lose sleep over my inability to “create” as regularly or as often as I’d like.  I want to continue to ask the important questions, and share the beauty, wisdom, wit, insight, and significance that unfold with each epiphany and in the most simple of acts, and everyday moments. I’m learning that they are loaded with opportunities for reflection, introspection, and growth, and as such, they are worth sharing. So, I’m cool with the notion of being a contemplative writer, even if only for some of the time. But because I’m so invested in the vitality and authenticity of the relationships that nurture me, as well as those that require my nurturing, I’m also required to prioritize, even if it means not publishing a post on a daily basis. So steal the time, I must…no matter how infrequently… I must write…that is, if I say that I’m a writer.

Musical Inspiration: “If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right..”

19 thoughts on “Writing A Wrong

  1. First, I love the new theme! Now that you mention it, I was just thinking about how often a non-profit should post and about what topics. I’m always looking for topics and wondering how often to post. For me, the blog is only personal in the sense that it helps my cause, it gives my mission a voice and it reaches people otherwise unreachable. (if you know what I mean?) For those who are writing for more personal reasons, it’s hard to say what’s bloggable… some folks share because they can’t help it. Some share because they think it might be helpful to others. Either way, please send me an email if you think something I post is inappropriate. I promise I won’t be offended as I value your opinion. Great post by the way.


    1. Good morning Rena! Honey, you have NEVER posted anything inappropriate, at least that is MY opinion, and who gives a crap, what I think? LOLOL! As you said, your blog is personal, and what to post lies soley at your discretion! So blog away! I enjoy your posts! I’m making peace with blogging when I want, and as I want, as Lisa recommended. Check out her blog @ http://www.satsumaart.wordpress.com. She’s got some really great stuff there! 🙂 Wink wink @ Lisa!

      I’m glad that you enjoyed reading the post, and that you love the new theme. Be Well, lady!
      P.S. I’m glad that the fundraiser went well. Will post my comment there!


  2. Thanks Lisa! Sometimes I get a bit envious when I see that others are more religious and dutiful in their blogging, and I crave the same consistency; however, I’m becoming more knowledgeable and appreciative of the fact that no two lives are the same. More importantly, I’ve learned that it’s best to do just as you suggested, and as the Spirit leads me to.

    Be Well! And I’m glad you like the theme. It’s a keeper!


  3. I echo Ré and Danielle on this. Write when you want and as you want. The rest is just details. 🙂

    Love the theme too — I almost picked this one for my own blog. It’s such a cool layout and so pretty!


  4. You are “write” that everything doesn’t need to be blogged. The daily blog is about discipline; about developing a sixth sense for common themes and threads that effect us all and offering up a new perspective, thought, pearl on a single aspect of life for the day; about giving your readers a lift just when they were getting caught up in the nonsense of this world. But daily isn’t about adding blogging to your to do list…it’s the gift you give us when you’re sitting at your computer reflecting on life’s wonders. So, whenever you blog. I’ll still be reading.


    1. Thanks, Danielle! 🙂 That is most certainly a healthy way to look at this exercise. I really appreciate your taking the time to read, and provide this thoughtful feedback. Likewise, please keep me abreast of any blogs that you compose.


  5. I hear you, and I’m so with you about this! I thought about the “post a day challenge” and the “post a week challenge” and realized that neither one would work for me because, although I write a blog to reach out to others, I’m not writing a weblog in it’s original sense, as a sort of diary. I agree with you that not every personal thing should be considered blog fodder. (Now if only we could get that point across to people who avoid “blogs” like the plague for fear of banal navel-gazing!)

    PS: I love the new theme! Dare I say that it seems to be a better fit for your writing style than the other one! 🙂 How do you like it? Is it the one? Or are you still searching?


    1. Lady Re! Good morning! I’m sitting here with my dad, who is visiting from Antigua, reading your comment, and I’m cracking up! Navel-gazing! LOL! Somepeoplejust put too much out there, but that’s their prerogative, I guess. Again, it’s a question of intention. I think Danielle captured it beautifully in her comment. Re, meet Danielle. Danielle, meet Re! :).

      And yes, I love this new theme! I think it’s a real keeper. It has a splash of femininity and functionality. I think it’s “pretty”!


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