Stuck on Stupid

Need I Say More?

The term “zero tolerance” is thrown about quite a bit these days. You hear it in school anti-bullying platforms, corporate quality control procedures, and more intimately, with regards to gender, sexual orientation, and race-based discrimination. But what about discrimination against folks that are just plumb dumb? Is that allowed?  Let me clarify that by “dumb”, I’m referring to a segment of society that acts as if somehow the possession of even an iota of common sense makes no sense at all.  These are folks with access and information at their fingertips.  The last time I checked, you didn’t have to be Harvard-educated to have some damn sense about you.  Great day!

Through a series of events over the last few days, I’ve come to discover that there are even lower levels of tolerance than zero.  It seems that I have a below-sub-zero tolerance for stupidity. That’s not redundant, if you’re wondering.  I want to make sure that you get “it” – my level of intolerance – that is.  (I’m holding up the peace sign, as made famous by Martin Lawrence, moving it from the front of my eyes to yours, to signify the connection that I’m trying to establish with you as we move this conversation forward.  You feel me?)  When crossed, my threshold for air between the ears creates an unnerving sensation in my body, and brings out the absolute worse in me.  The display just makes me want to reach across the counter and snatch somebody stupid! So much for anti-bullying! 😮

Yesterday I was thankful for good healthcare, and today, I am just p.o’d at the folks that stand in the way of my actually getting this care, and the host of enabling systems and accompanying cast of characters – from the “I can’t think for myself/that’s not in my job description/can I do anything else for you today?” chick at the pharmacy counter, to the parent committee chair who simply regurgitates a presented problem, adding absolutely no value of her own, while refusing to even consider the recommendations that are given.  After all, considering a recommendation might actually require one to think, as well as act, and who has time for all that work?  So then I’m left to wonder if this is stupidity or sheer laziness.  I don’t know…I’m just saying. 

It’s as if these characters are on auto-pilot, paid not to think.  Perhaps they think they would be rendered incapacitated by a creative or independent thought.  I can’t imagine what would happen were they required to manually calculate change at a cash register.  Heaven forbid!  I’m not asking for them to fly me to the moon, but could you just go a little deeper…please…try me.  How am I supposed to maintain my composure and sense of decorum when I’m confronted with this foolishness?  I’m clueless.  So in the meantime, after numerous attempts at civility with pharmacists, receptionists, apprentices, and “customer service” representatives, I find myself boomeranging up and down two major streets, in between pharmacies, and then going home to wait on these dumb “professionals” to call me when they’re good and ready with something as vital as medicine for a sick child.  Daggone shame!  This just doesn’t seem right, especially when so many folks are unemployed.

Thanks for listening! You’ve been great! 😮 Now it’s your turn to quip about the subject. Come on, indulge me with your personal encounter of “Stupid in Motion”, and together we can probably come up with something for counteracting. Better yet, share with me why you think this phenomenon is sweeping the nation at such an alarming rate.

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15 thoughts on “Stuck on Stupid

  1. My friend!

    I love you for this. *Applause* lol. I wish I had the answer you seek, Kemosabi, as I and many of my clan have encountered the same disgusting behavior in the public square.

    Who are these disconnected, robotic nincompoops? (can u believe that’s a word?)

    Big minds are contemplating this question, after a fashion, perhaps they might help. Or, provide comic relief.

    That, of course, does not address the question of incivility and poor work ethic which seems to be permeating and f*ing up our daily interactions. Shrinking brain cavities? As individualism and disconnectedness go up, work ethic, patience, perseverance and manners seem, exponentially, to be decreasing. Think Ipod and grunting cavemen. The hair leaves less room for evolved interaction.


    On a Quest to End Stupidity

    P.S. – Stop that laughing!!


    1. P.S. Thanks for the article/link. Looks like I was a year early on picking up on the “stupid” trend. I’m really going to look into getting some custom-made pendants bearing the Jackass title. I’ve got quite a bit to award.

      As always, thanks for taking the time to read, and comment. Seems like stupidity has made a comeback! 🙂


  2. SomerEmpress, with this post, you have reminded me of my “World Tour!” In the ’90s I had decided that when I grew old and finished with the things I needed to do, I would “walk the earth” and find the people who had made exceptionally stupid statements or done very stupid things, and give them the slap they so richly deserve. I warned my daughter that she would be bailing me out of jail on a regular basis, so she would need to make sure she got a good job when she grew up.

    First on the list I was keeping, was Sharon Stone (who’s supposed to have a high IQ. Really?!) The World Tour was conceived in her honor for this gem: “I trusted the director of the movie. When he said no one would see that I wasn’t wearing panties in the scene where I crossed my legs while facing the camera, I believed him.”

    The next people on the list were two older ladies (I may have waited too long to find them) who deserve their slaps for this one: I was waiting in line at the Jewel and it wasn’t until I’d been waiting a few minutes, and finally cleared a display of those huge Mylar balloons, that I realized they were obscuring a 15 items or less sign. I hurriedly counted my items and found that I had 19 (one being a 12 double roll package of toilet paper) so I made a judement call that it wasn’t too egregious and stayed where I was. I had my wallet out and cash to pay with. These two women were waiting ahead of me in line. One turns to look at my basket and clucks, “Hmn. Some people think they’re too special to follow the rules.” The other turns (did you notice they were turning around?) and adds loudly, “Some people just don’t care about anybody else.” She shook her head at my impertinence. As I began to wonder if I was in The Twilight Zone, they took their turn at the register where they dutifully pointed out my crime to the cashier, and she said that some people just won’t pay attention to the signs. When the cashier told the one paying for their items what her total was, the woman opened her purse, fumbled around for her checkbook, and then took forever trying to make the check out properly. Then she forgot that she needed an I.D. and had to fumble around for that! Enough said. Did I mention that they were in FRONT of me? Not behind me? You may realize by now that you have struck a nerve with me!

    Funny business aside, I think there is also a severe lack of empathy going around. Some people aren’t that stupid, they just don’t care! It is just your problem after all. Why should they care?
    That’s the thinking that ultimately blows me away, and of course they pass it on to their children. (Some people don’t care about their children’s precious minds either.) Just a few weeks ago I encountered a painfully clueless blogger who believes as so many tea-party types do, that it’s survival of the lucky, no one has a right to health care, and that some people are actually better than others. I felt physically ill from my encounter with such a vile person. I wish there was an answer to all this. The closest thing I can think of is for us to just keep talking about. And I know we will!


    1. I love it, Lady Sparks! LOLOL! Be sure to take me on that “World Tour” with you because I have a whole lot of slapping to do! I agree with you, that worse yet, we’ve turned out quite a bit of apathetic folks. From a distance, people feel justified in weighing in with resentment, judgement, detachment, and apathy. I’m actually composing my next post about this subject which has been in the works for the last few days. The interruptions are many, so wish me luck! Yes, let’s keep talking. Looking forward to continued dialogue!


    1. Hello Tinkerbelle! (Nice name) I totally agree! While I see the value in modernization and the many uses for an increasingly technological society, I believe that we have greater expectations of products than we do of the human brain. We were engineered with the capability to build monuments, develop drugs that can cure deadly diseases, create beautiful art, and weave wonderful stories; yet, much of this brain power goes under-utilized as we rely more heavily on technology. The ability of products to instantly give us what we “need” obliterates any innovative thoughts that may enter our brain. Moreover, the use of them requires very substance, making the total function of our brain that much less efficient. What does it matter anyway? We have to start making it matter, by taking back what is rightfully ours, by investing the time and thought required to be better and smarter. We can do this by reading more, spending less, traveling more, listening more, and investing in activities that not only jumpstarts our brain (exercise is a good one), but fuels it for optimal performance. Furthermore, we can put less stock in media spin doctors and self-proclaimed “experts” and invest more in balanced thinking and presentation.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. It is sweeping the nation because children are taught not to think. Examine you school system, children no longer learn their times tables because now everyone has a calculator. That also covers addition, subtraction, and division. We don’t teach spelling because now we have spell check. The arts have been eliminated because they are not important. The theory of learning history do you will not repeat those mistakes, has log been gone.
    Our children spend more time in front of the computer, tv, video games, etc. Than they do interacting with other human beings. Is it any wonder America as a country is Stuck On Stupid! I could go on and on, on my soap box but I will stop here. I am just glad I grew up in a world where students were taught to actually use this three pound weight supported by our shoulders. As for the modern generation, if it was not attached via our neck, and spinal chord, it would probably float away like a balloon in the air. I close with one last thought, even the newest toilets are push button, now where does that leave us?


    1. Good day Yvonne! LOLOL! I totally agree with you. I almost went there toward the end of the post, but had to restrain myself from going on too long. So instead, I left it open for discussion, and I’m glad that you took the time to share your feedback. Yay you! :-

      I become so frustrated with the state of education every time my children are given multiple worksheets for homework. While they certainly have their place in instruction, they themselves are not instruction. The answers are always so obvious to the children, that they run through the worksheet in less than five minutes. The critical thinking assignments and open-probe questions, which require children to go deeper in their understanding and composition, are limited. The operation for almost everything, including toilet seats, is point and click. Research and inquiry aren’t rewarded or taught, and is no longer the premise for how we obtain information. In addition, teachers complain that they are stretched to the max, but there was a time when teachers invested in their own education. They honed their skills, and exhausted the various ways for reaching and teaching children. They took a certain pride and joy in cultivating the best potential in themselves and in the children they taught. I know I certainly did when I taught! Now, when I get correspondence from a teacher, it often contains typos, misspelled words, or incorrect word usage. It is infuriating, to say the least. I’d just as soon rather that my kids not have homework, so I can spend more time with them on substantial assignments that will pay greater dividends in the long run.


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