Just Can’t Keep it to Myself! (Pt. 1)

Though I had gotten my fair share of sleep the previous night, the onset of weather-related allergies made me feel unusually tired and groggy. My equilibrium was way off! I felt lopsided, and my head felt heavier than usual, forcing me to sit up long enough to grab the poncho that I had been crocheting and turn on the TV. It is rare that I get to watch TV during the “work” day, but I figured since my workday is pretty much all day, then that rule need not apply. Plus, I could no longer bear to stand without feeling off-balance. I toggled through the On Demand menu and settled at Oprah’s OWN Master Class, featuring none but Miss Oprah herself! As if that wasn’t enough, I felt like I struck gold when I saw that this was a two-part episode! (I believe it comes on sometime next week, but for those who can’t wait, part one is already On Demand.)

I came away with such incredible insight… beautiful nuggets, gems really…that I just couldn’t keep them to myself! Listening was like having a one-on-one with Spirit, through a wise old sage or modern-day griot; like having a private consultation with one who has already lived life as a great master teacher, one who was now taking the time with me to impart some life-altering truths, if practiced, and wisdom to get me geared up for the next leg of my journey. I came away from the session knowing that I was – still am – on the right track in this quest to live Life As An Art, masterfully and deliberately! It was the conviction and confirmation that I didn’t know I needed. What I gathered spoke so loudly to me. You better believe I had my notebook handy! I’ll do my best to capture some of these lessons below. Oprah’s words appear in italics. All else is courtesy of yours truly. 😮

“You can’t survive in this world just believing in yourself…Your very presence comes from something greater.” One thing I liked about her sharing this particular truth, was her careful insertion that one, very decidedly, plays a role in creating the outcome, as “co-creators…co-creating life with a Creator”.

“The universe speaks to us always…first, in whispers, subtly…at first, it doesn’t seem to make sense…then the whispers get louder.” Then you have no choice but to act, right? This is how I was led to share this in the first place. So get quiet that you might hear, and then follow!

“Make a decision to do and be the best. Doing your best always puts you at the next level.” I believe this is especially true if you want to be effective. People know when you haven’t given them your best. Worse yet, is you know, so level up! Don’t settle for mediocrity, or with being average when you know that’s not good enough. Strive for excellence.

“Know your purpose, otherwise you’re wandering. The sooner you know, the sooner you’ll get to working…it feels like it’s the right space for you, where you feel most yourself.” Oprah’s is to inspire, to be a teacher, to teach and to learn. By this time, the hairs on my arms were standing upright! Could it be…? Be and act purposefully, ensuring that the things that you do are somehow aligned with this greater purpose. Be in tune, as well as attuned. Should you find yourself dreaming, then dream…on purpose!

“You are worthy.” You know I know, without a doubt! This isn’t being cocky, not one bit! I know that I’m worthy because I’ve been entrusted with the gift of life, to be used as an instrument, a conduit, a vessel, for helping others attain their highest selves. That gift is worth more to me than any accolade, publication, admission ticket, or any worldly validation…and oh, by the way, it’s not for sale. It’s worth? Priceless!

Last but not least, know that Everything is preparing you for the moment that is to come.” Oh, how sweet the sound! Acknowledge and Respect the Now!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

William Ernest Henley‘s “Invictus”