Forgiving Super Momma

Last Thursday evening, amid a crazy schedule of drop-offs, school closings, cooking, cleaning, writing, Girl Scouts, haircuts, basketball, and laundry, I took a moment just for me, to make a delectable protein shake that would fill the void in lieu of a sit-down dinner.  It was to be a delicious mix with chocolate PB2, a powdered peanut butter booster, sprinkled in for some much-needed energy and flavor. This smoothie would have put your Vitamix and Nutribullet to shame!

In my celebration of heaven in a smoothie, I happily gave my oldest two children some, while they scoured the pantry and fridge trying to fend for themselves for dinner.  It was just that kind of day. Everything was hurried and we were all rushing to get to dance practice.  In my haste, I had forgotten just that quickly that Continue reading “Forgiving Super Momma”

Focus on the Now!

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This morning, I am resisting the urge to multi-task. I’ve gathered many an injury, as of late, doing just that – holding my toddler on one hip, both arms loaded with bags, and pushing the storm door open with my right heel, all within the 20 seconds remaining before the alarm is engaged. “Alarm on!”  Yes, ring the alarm, and slow it down a bit!

I am so used to having more than one pot on the fire – literally and figuratively. Somehow, I think it will just take too long to do one thing at a time.  So this morning, while I’m writing, I’m resisting the urge to check email, the weather, and Facebook, all at the same time.  Trust me, this is a real challenge to my self-diagnosed ADD behind! (Hey, there will be no LOLing here!) 🙂

I am in the present, in the now, and except for the occasional sip of coffee that I’m taking, I’m fully committed to completing this morning’s post.  I’m going to conscientiously try this exercise a few times today, because I am hoping for increased clarity, and enhanced productivity in the fewer things that I’ll attempt, rather than mediocrity that is certain if I attempt too much.

Gotta dash! This exercise can only last so long.   How do you focus on the now?