Sundays at Sunset

Rhode Island
Sunset, somewhere in Rhode Island

Today, I’m doing my adaptation of the emotion that the songwriter must have been trying to evoke when she wrote “Rainy Days and Mondays always gets me down“. I actually like rainy days and Mondays;  it’s Sundays that are posing a bit of a problem.  Sundays are supposed to mark a departure from the routine of the week. Largely unscripted, Sunday is an opportunity for our family to just relax, be with each other, and nestle a bit.  Given a lighter schedule, I can crochet, pick up a book or my nook, do a bit of laundry if I’m so inclined, polish my toes, cook a Sunday dinner – or not, listen to music louder or longer than I usually do, let hubby and the kids sleep in a bit later than usual, and get out of my PJs when I’m good and ready.  These are things that I love about Sunday.  I just don’t think that this part of Sunday is quite long enough.  It seems that it comes to a screeching halt without my asking.  I dread the feelings of melancholy that sweep over me, rather abruptly, once the most exciting, but simple part, is over.  The pending return to normalcy and routine gives me a swift kick in the rear to remind me of what now needs attending so the “work” week can get off to a smooth start.  Go figure.

Indeed, there’s no day quite like Sunday.  It seems to be the most civil and tempered of the two-day weekend.  Family dinners, church hats, and football games are but a small part of the color scheme for several on this day of the week.  Admittedly, this is a day for relaxation,  reflection and grounding,  and re-upping on depleted stores of energy, drive, and determination so that the upcoming week will be even better and more productive than the last.  As such, Sundays very definitively, play an important role in making life that much more interesting, balanced, whole…and I want much more of it,  minus the Super Bowl.

“Stay a Little While, Child”, Loose Ends

Puke, Poop, & Power…though not necessarily in that order

Tomato purée
Tomato Purée - Got fruit?

Today calls for a tall (tall as in really tall, not tall as in Starbucks-you-gotta-be-kidding-me-that’s-a-tall?) cup of coffee, reflection, and introspection.  I’ve been more tired than usual these days, so today I have no “real” major plans other than treating myself to some quiet, unfiltered time.

Of course, there’s the “must-haves”: dinner to fix, library time, homework and exercise time, but many of these are standard, at least in this household.  I’m learning to downscale the calendar, say “no” more often, and re-define rituals such as dinnertime and bath-time.  Dinner doesn’t have to entail a 5-course menu (never did, anyway). It can mean something left over (not the dreaded leftovers Mom, not again!) from last night’s dinner, something easy and baked topped by something semi-prepared, and accompanied by prepared or fresh fruit. Who said that it had to be vegetables, anyway? On days when all the veggies are gone, fruit will do just fine.  And when there’s no fruit left, tomato sauce and ketchup will have to count as one serving! I think the RDA is 5-8 combined fruit and vegetables anyway.  Some nights, there’s pizza with absolutely no vegetables or fruit. No soda though!  Good old H2O will do just fine! Sometimes, breakfast for dinner can also be a welcome change.  The one thing that I do insist on is that we have dinner together, always. That my friend, is non-negotiable.  And as for bath-time, it need not occur 2x/day, or last for too long. Hit the essentials, including the feet. Put on some smell-goods, and let’s rock!  As cold as it is outside, cooties won’t stand a chance!

(Long break in between.  Thing 3 had to upchuck in the kitchen. Thank God for ceramic tiled floors. Whew!)

So far, I have cleaned up puke and poop twice, each. Darn the return of the stupid rotavirus! In spite of the mess, I’ve danced (gotta get my exercise on), made a scarf (hobby-turned-side hustle), done three loads of laundry (another mindless, hamster-on-the-wheel activity), numerous other things (paperwork, opened & sorted mail, returned non-personal phone calls, tracked down money owed to me, found out why Thing 2 didn’t get a callback from the enviable Girl Scouts), and changed my FB picture to display my hubby’s beautiful brown smiling eyes. That was not a typo. His eyes were smiling. You know how you can see love in someone’s eyes, even when they’re not smiling? Their eyes sometimes tell “say it all”. Well, you know that’s my darlin’ darlin baby.  What can I say? He’s special.

Well  now, it’s time to begin my second shift – homework, healthy pre-dinner snack time, more laundry (but, of course you knew that), paperwork, a lil’ bit o’ budget planning (a work always in progress), dinner, bath-time, and calendar check for tomorrow.  Today’s post was definitely a bit more local than cerebral, but it’s like that, and that’s the way it is!

This evening definitely calls for Calgon!