Selected Performer and Poet Art Sanctuary of Philadelphia’s 31st Celebration of Black Writing Festival

Blogger Recognition Award for Impacting The Blogosphere Award extended to me by fellow author Lisa Letting.



Illuminating Blogger Award awarded by Dr. Sherry E. Showalter.


Very Inspiring Blogger Award graciously extended to me by Jueseppi Baker at


7×7 Link AwardVersatile Blogger Award, Tell Me About Yourself Award were all bestowed upon me by fellow writer, Ré at Sparks in Shadow in her post “How Sweet it Is to Receive Awards”.  She was the sweet one to pass them on!

I like to refer to this Liebster Blog Award as the BeLoved blogger honor because it made me feel quite beloved to receive it.  Bestowed upon me by Coco Rivers over at Streams of Consciousness, and humbly accepted in my post titled “I’m Feeling that Liebster Love! And the Award Goes to…” 

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