My Full Circle Journey


Graphics by David Jones of Jones Media, Inc.

I’m delighted to share with fellow bloggers and followers that I am featured in the most recent issue of The Chestnut Hill Local ahead of my book signing and reading this Saturday at The Big Blue Marble Bookstore in the Mt. Airy section of Northwest Philadelphia.

The Chestnut Hill Local is an “independent weekly newspaper serving the neighborhood of Chestnut Hill, in Northwest Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding communities of Northwest Philadelphia. The Local is currently distributed by mail and at newsstands and vending machines to about 7,000 households each Thursday.” The Local’s online component, is frequented by over 50,000 visitors monthly.

This is truly a full-circle moment, my friends. After leaving Swarthmore College over twenty years ago, I am only 11 miles away from right back where I started and that isn’t such a bad thing. With clarity of purpose, I have been fully engaged and living in the now. I’ve met and networked with incredibly creative souls, reconnected with old friends, even made some new ones, and have attended and/or participated in a host of literary events. I am building community, and Philadelphia is starting to look more and more like home … for now.

My friends, you just never know where your life journey might take you. Like a well told story, life is hardly linear or mapped out in advance, so be open to both give and receive and let the Universe set matters into alignment. Pack your intensity and intentionality, and if you forget anything, don’t let it be your gratitude.

Happy reading! I’ve even included some music for your enjoyment while you read the article, written so well by Len Lear. In the meantime, wish me well for tomorrow as I share A Journey Of Life ON Purpose with all who come.

The Journey Continues … Continue ON Purpose.


6 thoughts on “My Full Circle Journey

  1. I can only imagine your novel is as expansive and thoughtful as your lovely blog, SE! I truly look forward to buying and reading it. Do you have an “author’s site” apart from this one?

    Huge congratulations on the article. I must say it was a lovely piece, well written and easy to relate to. Always nice to see such a piece on a great new friend! 🙂

    And……I say this in a completely platonic sense; wow, you are beautiful. You have this wonderful glow. Sorry, don’t mean to be too personal here LOL,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Emmy, I don’t mind at all. Thank you! I’m gon’ “glow” with that! 😉 The novel is not yet out, but I think you’ll like it when it goes “live”. Hang tight. All of the information for purchasing the current book, A Journey Of Life On Purpose, is on this blog. Another “author” website is in the works, but it will be a seamless transition for those who currently follow this blog. As always, I appreciate when you stop by!


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