Let it Shine!

What a sweet surprise it was to receive the Illuminating Blogger Award from Dr. Sherry E. Showalter at “Keepin’ it Real”, especially during this self-imposed hiatus!  Thank you, Dr. Sherry. I humbly accept this honor.

My favorite definition of the verb illuminate is “to make illustrious or resplendent”. Doesn’t that sound so…well, illustrious?  I’d like to think that I am simply illuminating, or underscoring the compassion, beauty, intellect, and gifts inherent in most of us by writing about Life as I am inspired.

Should you choose to accept this award, please adhere to the guidelines that require you to: leave a comment at the original award site indicating who nominated you; share a random fact about yourself, and lastly; award five (5) bloggers for this same award. (Let them know that you’ve awarded them as well, perhaps on their About Me or Introduction pages.)

One random fact about me is that I still don’t know how to…

Here are my choices for other illuminating bloggers:

  1. Coco Rivers at Streams of Consciousness
  2. Kim at Silently Heard Once
  3. Subhan Zein
  4. Valerie Burwell at The Empowerment Place
  5. Jon at The Brain, Mind, and Other Things 

At your leisure, check out these other fellow bloggers and see why they also deserve this distinction.

Still scrolling to find what I purposely omitted? Stay tuned.

In the meantime, be illuminated! 🙂

Some musical inspiration from the late, great Luther Vandross:

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