My Energizer-Bunny Children

I’ve just signed up to participate in the Post A Day Challenge at WordPress! I’m really looking forward to holding myself accountable to my craft of writing. Ought to be interesting, as I forge ahead in my personal and public writing. Something about seeing my goals in print motivates me more than just quietly acknowledging the need to do something differently, something more meaningful in scope, or more groundbreaking. So here goes!

Just looked over at my beyond-weary brood of three all tucked into my bed, and I’m amazed that they lasted as long as they did this evening, especially my youngest, the two and a half-year old. I swear she talks more than I do – and yes, that’s saying a lot! Alas, after numerous kisses right-smack in the mouth, countless silly questions, requests for extended time on our newest video game console (the oldest one earned it by investing one hour of exercise), reconfigurations on who will sleep where on mommy and daddy’s king-sized bed, and pleas to borrow the iPad once more, they have all crashed! Whew! Now will Momma get some rest? Five to six hours will do just fine, before I have to rise up to begin anew. I will most certainly need some batteries of my own – I call it a fresh-brewed pot of coffee first thing in the morning. I just have one question: Given the timestamp of this post, have I fulfilled my daily commitment? I did begin before the stroke of midnight. 🙂

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