You Rock, Fellow Rockstars!

Thank You!

By the looks of it, at least according to WordPress stats, it’s been a great year for writing! As I can see it, there’s still much that remains unwritten. However, I am confident that the epiphanies and inspiration will continue to unfold, and that the pen will follow suit. I am trusting the discernment that has been placed in me to know when and what to write. I rest firmly in the knowledge that this gift is one to be used wisely and authentically – to uplift, demonstrate, empathize, mobilize, discover, and heal – and one not to be taken lightly.

I’m amazed in the freedom that I find when I write! There is a remarkable fluidity and a sense of empowerment and engagement that I feel when I am at my best writing self. At those times, Spirit calls me to my highest self, requiring me to be fully transparent. I look forward to more of these moments, and the ongoing metamorphosis.  I especially look forward to taking this journey with you.

In the meantime, I would like to thank you for a fabulous 2011! I am touched that some of the material written here touched you enough to reflect, rejoice, pause for a moment, and sometimes comment. I’ve appreciated all of it, as it increased my connection and intimacy with fellow bloggers and readers. This connection sometimes made all the difference, and let me know that what was poured into me in the first place was much bigger than me! Whoa!! 🙂

The Universe reciprocated in kind, and for that, and you, I am ever grateFULL!  In the meantime, write I shall! 🙂

Click here to see the complete report for a year in review at Life As An Art Form. It highlights the most frequented articles, number of articles written, commenters, and some other interesting tidbits!

I look forward to more writing, increased connection, and greater things in 2012! As long as I have breath of life, I will always be expectant! Happy New Year!!!