‘How’ Do You Know?

Who I Say I Am

What were you born to do? Is there even such a thing as being born to do something? How can you know for certain? At what point along the journey do you receive confirmations about your gifts, purpose, or calling? How can we have clarity about the answers to these questions?

These questions confound most of us at some point in our lives; yet, I’m convinced that no two answers are exactly the same. This is because no two people ever see the world exactly the same way.

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting with Shannon Mannon, Co-Founder of 3-Minute Storyteller and its intern and filmmaker Emily Kait Hunter to explore some of these same questions. Shannon and Emily came with open hearts and minds; they simply let me have my way. It was clear to me that they were aligned and committed to the integrity of something larger at work. I felt at ease and naturally, our time together went well past three minutes.

The mission of 3-Minute Storyteller is to “share stories of connection from the people and organizations who do it best. To inspire everyone to understand how stories connect us and move us.” It is in this spirit of connection and community that I share. It is my hope that these three minutes resonate with those who seek answers to some of these same questions, who wish to connect with their gifts and purpose, ultimately with their highest self. Perhaps you are among them?

Take a look. Have a listen. Give it a thumbs-up. Share it. Be Inspired! Then come on back and share your thoughts or answers. I love when you talk to me!


Avril Somerville aka SomerEmpress is the owner of this blog and author of A Journey Of Life On PURPOSE. She is available to share in Candid Conversation as a speaker, author, and poet. Inquire here.

13 thoughts on “‘How’ Do You Know?

  1. Your energy really resonates on this, SE. I especially liked the part about getting that pent up emotion down on the page. For myself writing film ideas I can tell when I’m being fake, only tapping into what I think is clever or would be “cool”, instead of the genuine stuff that connects with our audience. It sounds so easy – then I try being real, and it’s not as easy as it seems! 🙂 Always great to meet someone who’s tapped into that reservoir.

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    1. Ah, bless you Emmy. Tapping into your most authentic self is SO MUCH harder to do, even when you’re writing/ creating fiction, though it sounds counter-intuitive. I had no idea what the three minutes would come down to, but I’m so glad that these three felt impactful.


  2. “The person who needs it will get it.” I appreciated this gem and many others in this refreshing 3 minute “storytelling” – thanx! What I received from this is an important message about honoring one’s gifts without censor, censure, or otherwise applying false measuring sticks to what one is compelled to create and share. Recently I was mourning a project that I put a lot of time and effort into for 2 years. I had envisioned it in a larger way. Now I would like to re-frame how I feel about it to say that maybe in those two years my work touched who it was supposed to touch, did what it was supposed to do. Thank you again, SomerEmpress!

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    1. Thanks for the visit, Leslie. I’m so glad this resonated with you and helped you put that project into perspective. It is what it is for its season. You labored not in vain. There is always room for reframing our narratives, the stories we tell ourselves; this helps us write new ones. In the midst of learning to be compassionate with ourselves, we very well can create again. What’s in you can’t come out of you until you do!

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  3. That was well-stated. I believe you’re so right about folks not believing they can house gifts worth sharing. A few weeks ago I was at my mom’s place and my eyes fell on my high school graduation photo. My first thought was, ‘Have I disappointed her?’ And I felt somewhat solemn, not really wanting to think too heavy on it, which said a lot. The goal of perfection can cause deliberation while the years keep passing.

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      1. You know, I thought, ‘Did I live up to the potential and aspirations she had?’ I saw this young person who had a path in mind and there have been some detours. And I didn’t want to acknowledge or look back, not so much in a regretful mode, but just come to a basic truth that I settled in some respect.

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      2. Ah yes, I understand. As long as you live up to the dreams you’ve dreamt for yourself. Don’t betray your truth. There’s always detours, sometimes even full circles where we go back to what we innately love and do almost effortlessly – our gifts. Good news is that the journey continues! We find our way somehow. We just need to trust ourselves better. Lord knows I’ve learned some tough lessons there!


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