Don’t You Touch That Dial

Stay Tuned!

Today was a beautiful day! I simply couldn’t have asked for a better one.  I was in domestic heaven for a better part of it. My three children were at their respective places of productivity; the oldest, my son, pored over my nook, reading one of the several Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, while my second, the oldest of my two daughters, held court with her little sister directing squiggly lines and curly cues, and drawing moms, dads, castles, and kids (their version of children). Seriously, over each head bore the labels Mom, Dad, Kid, Kid, Kid.) Ha ha!  Very funny!

It wasn’t even 9 am yet, but I was well in the groove – boiling eggs, washing greens, getting a leg up on dinner, thawing frozen bananas, and bringing butter to room temperature for making  banana bread. I swear by this recipe.  The counters were clean, and the floor was swept.  I had done a decent enough job of tidying up the place, and for the most part, things were in their proper places. Let’s just say I wouldn’t be embarrassed to invite guests in, should they stop by unannounced.

Whether by design or default, I felt very in tune with, and attuned to, the Spirit, which seemed to ground me in every, single moment.  I felt a remarkable sense of peace, patience, and persistence sweep over me as I went about my day. My children were close at hand, yet they didn’t seem needy or wanting of an infinite amount of attention…at least not today.  They finally seemed content with just each other, and weren’t bickering for a change. I must have died and gone to heaven! This day off school was shaping up to be a good day after all, though I was totally caught off-guard by it. It’s one of those holidays that I never heard of until I moved to Illinois, and I owe it all to Casimir Pulaski. Interestingly enough, when I went out later in the evening, I saw another Mom whose children also attend school in the same district, and she told me that she’d kick Casimir Pulaski’s ass (her words) if she got ahold of him, because her kids were wearing her out! LOL! I thought that was pretty funny. Shoot, I’d probably be right along with her had this had been a 2-day affair!

Getting back to the moment, I wished I could freeze frame it.  I dared not disrupt the flow of productivity that seemed to emanate from all corners, and the peacefulness that clothed the room. The joy and satisfaction that came from just getting to help Mommy mix the batter, then licking its remnants off mixer attachments, spatula, and mixer bowl was unbridled. I was deeply engrossed in the unfolding of every moment, and in meeting each request, because really they were only a few – for paper, paint, an occasional snack, elaboration on a new vocabulary word, and a question or two about a birthday party that’s still more than two months away! I could handle that.

With the exception of the one phone call that I got from a dear family friend – which only made the day that much sweeter – I didn’t care to chew the fat on the phone with anyone, or get into anything that would throw me off-center, including multi-tasking.  I was well aware that something special was taking place. As much as I wanted to listen to the sounds of Norah Jones’ “Sunrise” or Esperanza’s “Fall In”, which both seemed soothing enough, I was afraid to disrupt today’s natural, melodic flow. Moreover, I was afraid that it would be derailed by follow-up requests and petulant screams to hear Big Time Rush, or some other dumb Disney-come-lately artist.  I wanted to preserve the sanctity of today. Today was like finding a good station on the radio after relocating to a new area where the reception is less than ideal. I knew that even the slightest adjustment could create a disturbance, or worse yet, cause me to lose the station altogether, and I didn’t dare touch that dial!  I know good music when I hear it! Do you?

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4 thoughts on “Don’t You Touch That Dial

  1. I’ve had this kind of day before, and the memory is so sweet! How I long for another… Glad to hear about yours!

    PS: I remember when that Casimir Pulaski Day stuff started and my mother’s face when she said, “Who is Casimir Pulaski?!”

    • LOLOL! @ Lady Sparks! Good day! It’s always sooo good to hear from you. You brightened up my afternoon, via your mother’s question. :) That was my question when I moved out here…as if these children don’t have enough days off. I’m glad this particular day off was a memorable one. No two days are alike, so I’m taking this one all the way to the bank. Hopefully, it will cheer me up on a “rainy” day when I will need a good memory.

      As always, thanks for taking the time to read the posts. Keep on reading! Keep on writing!

  2. Curses to Disney for unleashing on us a bunch of kids who can’t sing….Ahhhh…if I have to argue with Amaya one more time that Hanah Montana is NOT a singer! LOL

    • Yeah, you can’t tell these kids that those kids don’t have talent! Sadly enough, the industry and those that set them up, only to later see them fall, are the ones that will be raking in the dough many seasons later…all at the expense of their childhood. I don’t envy their parents one bit.

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